Support Services

Individual Budgets

Individual supports focus on self direction, skill development, and independence. Service areas may include In-home direct care supports; Community access; Transportation; Day activity; Employment; Limited Therapy services; Counseling and Behavioral supports; Adaptive Equipment; and Home Modifications. These supports may be provided by un-paid natural supports such as, friends and family, through community resources, and/or funded through ECBDD/State/Federal contracted services.

Services are selected and directed by the person and/or their legal representative. The person and their team will develop an individual service plan (ISP) outlining their needs, plans for the upcoming year, agreed upon supports necessary to put the plan in action, and plans on how to cover expenses of those supports for the year. The ISP may be reviewed and amended throughout the year.


Medicaid is a federal program allowing eligible individuals with low income to receive needed health related services. Funding is part federal dollars and part local dollars. Available services are unique in each State and are approved under what is called a State Plan. Medicaid does not pay money to the eligible person; instead it provides payment to approved providers for authorized services. If you are an Erie County resident and wish to find out more about becoming Medicaid eligible please contact the Erie County Jobs and Family Services.

Medicaid Waiver services provide additional services and supports to eligible individuals beyond what is offered through the State Plan services. There are a limited number of waivers available across Ohio. There are several Medicaid Waivers offered in Ohio for those individuals that meet the required level of care for that particular waiver. The Waivers administered through Developmental Disability services are the Individual Options (IO) Waiver, the Level One (LV1) Waiver, and Self Empowered Life Funding (SELF) Waiver.  Funding for Waiver services is again part Federal and part local.

There is a waiting list for waivers.



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