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At the end of each day, the Erie County Board of Developmental Disabilities has a simple mission: To inspire, empower and support individuals and their families.

The service we provide takes many forms. It ranges from early intervention, which can begin the day a child comes home from the hospital, to senior citizens. The services we provide are throughout the life span.

A group called the Erie County Council of Parents and Friends of Exceptional Children, led by Betty Rinderle, was formed in 1952 with the goal to provide educational opportunities for children with developmental disabilities,  Classrooms began in church basements and area schools, but the dream became a reality in 1966 when Betty Rinderle School was established and built with levy dollars. School-age services were provided into the 1990’s, then children were transitioned into schools in their communities.

In 1967, the Ohio General Assembly authorized legislation that created a service delivery system in all 88 of Ohio’s counties. Public funding became available to establish buildings and programs to serve people with developmental disabilities. Sheltered workshops began in the 1970’s and provided vocational training, work skills and a day program for adults. Our workshop transitioned to a private agency in 2008 and over the years the focus has changed to aiming for meaningful relationships in the community.



The Erie County Board of Developmental
Disabilities currently strives to

>    Help people receive services they need in the communities where they live versus receiving services at facilities
>    Connect people with disabilities to their communities through service coordination, community engagement
and person-centered planning

>    Partner with community businesses and agencies to achieve mutual success and growth 
>    Support individuals and their families throughout
the lifespan