Family Directed Resources

Family Directed Resources are local dollars used to support families in providing for unique needs related to qualifying disabilities. The Family Directed Resources program is committed to supporting families to increase their capacity to care for individuals in their home as well as support individuals with disabilities to become more independent in the home and community.

Through the Family Directed Resources program, the Board shall provide limited disability-focused financial support to all individuals eligible for Board services aged birth – thirteen


Who is eligible for Family Directed Resources? 

Anyone that is eligible for Erie County Board of DD services that does NOT receive any other financial support from the Board. Individuals must also live with family and meet financial eligibility requirements of the program. 

How do I request Family Directed Resources? 

> Submit a Request for Service Form 

 You request will be reviewed to determine eligibility after submission. All completed requests will be processed within seven (7) business days of receipt. 

What kinds of items or services can be purchased using Family Directed Resources? 

Items that are needed specifically because of an individual’s developmental delay and/or disability

> Respite

>Adaptive Equipment

>Home Modifications

>Special Dietary Needs

>Therapy, Training, and Education