Health and Safety Welfare Concern?

The MUI (Major Unusual Incident) Hotline staff address concerns for the safety, health, and welfare of people with a developmental disability. We take calls from many interested parties, including family, friends, coworkers, teachers, and other professionals. We’ll make sure the incident is investigated and that any follow-up needs are addressed.


  • People with developmental disabilities
  • Providers of service both in the home and in the community
  • Family members and caregivers
  • All county board staff
  • General public
  • Reports can be made to any County Board staff
  • In person
  • County Board phone number: (419) 502-4102
  • After Hours Crisis Hotline: (419) 626-1752
  • Reports can be made directly to the Ohio Department of Developmental disabilities (DODD) if local County Board staff is unavailable or anonymity is desired (800) 617-6733
Investigative Services are provided by the Clearwater Council of Governments.
  • Ensure health and welfare by taking immediate action to meet the need of the person served.
  • Report all incidents or allegations of misappropriation, abuse (physical, verbal, sexual), prohibited sexual relationships, neglect, exploitation, death, peer-to-peer acts, or when a provider has received an inquiry from the media regarding an MUI to Erie CBDD within a 4 hour window of being aware of the incident.
  • Report regardless of where and who was present.
  • Report all incidents or allegations of, law enforcement involvement (charges, incarceration, and/or arrests), rights code violations, unapproved behavior support, unanticipated hospitalizations, attempted suicide, missing individual, significant injury to Erie CBDD by 3:00 PM the next business day.
  • Ensure health and welfare of person served by identifying and supporting provider in taking immediate actions
  • Assist providers with prevention planning
  • File report with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
  • Work with families, providers and people receiving services to understand the MUI investigation process
  • Receive reports from community members, families, people served and providers related to health/welfare of those receiving services
Reports may be made to Erie CBDD: Daytime: (419) 502-4102 After Hours: (419) 626-1752 Email:
The DODD provides oversight and technical assistance. ALL MUI reports are reviewed by the DODD MUI/Registry Unit to ensure immediate action, timely reporting, good investigations and necessary implementation of prevention plans. DODD also conducts investigations when it would be a conflict of interest for the Clearwater Council of Governments to complete the investigation/report. To contact the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities: 30 E Broad St Columbus, Ohio 43215 WEBSITE: PHONE: (800) 617-6733