DSPLevelUp graphic

The Department of Ohio Developmental Disabilities is having a campaign called #DSPLevelUp to encourage direct service providers with two years of experience to take 60 hours of additional training to earn up to $1 more per hour.  DODD is offering 130 hours of free online training so agency and independent DSPS can earn more with the new traininglongevity add-on.  See below for more information.

Good news! Providers can LEVEL UP with this new rate if they’ve been a direct service provider for two years and take this FREE training. Start here: http://bit.ly/2oMJF2h #DSPLevelUp Are you a DSP who has two years of experience on the job? Learn about #DSPLevelUp and how you can take online training to earn more money. http://bit.ly/2oMJF2h