STIR-ring Up Some Learning and Fun

Project STIR–standing for Steps Towards Independence and Responsibility, had its Northwest Regional training in April. There, some of our individuals went to learn about important skills such as self-advocacy, knowing yourself, understanding your rights, conflict resolution, and more. Those who graduate from a Project STIR training have the chance to return to a subsequent session and teach others the skills they have learned or support someone new to the training as an ally. 5 of the individulas we serve graduated from this 3-day training held at the Village Barn in Monroeville to become the next group of Ohio’s leaders. Another one of our individuals who had already attended a prior training returned as a support for a friend attending the class, and 3 more returned to teach or help organize.

Congratulations to our newest set of Project STIR graduates!

The Project STIR reuinion picnic in Columbus is on Friday, May 5th 2023 for those who have graduated from at least one STIR training.